• A fantastic package for INI manipulations in Go

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How fantastic it is?

The most powerful, convenient and popular Go package for INI manipulations existed on Earth.

Flexible Data Sources

Not limited to read from a file, parse from []byte type raw data or stream from io.ReadCloser works like a charm.

Format Compatibility

Wide-range support of variant formats, include but not limited to my.cnf, .gitconfig, or even unparseable sections.

Nature Types Enriched

Automatically convert to native types of Go at no cost. Let you focus on the code logic and no more tedious conversions.

Struct Mapping

Map your configuration to a user-defined struct{} to be more object-oriented. Map back and save when you get the work done.

Incredible Helpers

Auto-type conversion, candidate value limitation, quick slice generation, in-fly data validation. More than you can ever imagine!

Highly Customizable

Multiple configuration load policies, custom data validation rules, key name and value mappers. Start hacking it now!